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Koteka and Sali

Papua tribes in Irian Jaya has a uniqueness that is so special customs, language, especially their customary clothing. Clothes custom Irian Jaya, Asmat tribe is koteka usual wear by men who live around the area wamena.Koteka meaningful clothing, comes from Mee Dani tribe who live in the Baliem Valley, Wamena, Jayawijaya called traditional male clothing by name or Horim holim. Each of the central highlands indigenous tribes have their own name.

Koteka made from plants whose fruits are somewhat similar to a cucumber or a cucumber plant. But the fruit koteka rather long. Is rather precise Bangkali leather mini pumpkins and large (Lagenaria siceraria), after the fruit skin aging and skin tersebu are a little harder.

           People call it bobbe Mee. Bobbe is usually planted in the garden or in the yard.The manufacturing process, bobbe learned (usually the elderly) and then inserted into the soft sand. On top of fine sand is made of fire. Once hot the skin soft and it will bobbe will melt, then the seeds of its liquid will come out of the segment bobbe. After that, bobbe hanged (dried) in the fireplace to dry. After drying equipped with a special woven and ready to use as koteka.

Regarding the size and shape koteka nothing to do with the status of the wearer. Size is usually related to user activity, going to work or ceremony. Many tribes there can be recognized from the way they use koteka. Short Koteka use at work, and the length of the decorations used in ceremony.Using to cover the male reproductive organs laki.Use tied to the rope around his waist, traditional clothes only cover the appliance reproduksi.Jadi there can be no another cover for body.Maybe because of this many-skinned tribe papua hitam.However the climate is so hot that no one was so simple custom clothing.
Clothing for women was almost equal to his men, they only cover reproductive nya.They dressed like a skirt of dried plant roots in such knitting yarn coarse yarn made as a subordinate or skirts that cover their bodies.

Asmat tribe of bare-breasted women as men .They used to it so it does not violate the norms of decency as its worth in other areas. In recent years, technological development and modernization of its late entry and influence the culture of the tribe asmat.Hal resulted in fewer and fewer Asmat tribe was using their traditional clothes, now many are wearing shirts and jeans like many people in the world.
Actually this was a good impact because of the clothes that cover their bodies will impact the risk reduce disease.But behind it all there are Things in the which should pity as Irian Jaya uniqueness of the traditional dresses can not be replaced

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